6 Tips for Selling Yourself Online

Nowadays when applying for jobs you don’t only have to worry about choosing the right interview outfit, you also have to make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are employer approved. No longer is selling yourself in person enough, now you also have to deal with selling yourself online. With so much noise online, it can be challenging to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Not to worry, these six tips will help you sell yourself online.

Know Yourself – What Makes You Unique (Because You Are)

Before you go and try to sell your business online, you should probably get to know yourself first! Figure out your biggest strengths and weaknesses along with your personality type. Myers Briggs and DISC profile are two common test that can give you insight about your work compatibilities. The better you understand yourself, the better you can sell yourself.

Selling Point – Create Your Unique Selling Proposition 

Elevator pitchYou have probably heard of an elevator pitch— a quick selling point about the time it takes to ride to the second floor— selling yourself online should have the same effect. Someone should be able to easily find you online and quickly know what you are about. Be clear, concise and make sure your selling point makes you stand out.

Build a personal brand that is consistent throughout your social platforms. If possible, make your name and username as people would search for it online. That means ditching your high school nickname and replacing it with what you would be referred to in a professional setting.

Solve Specific Problems – Be the Answer 

Being good at many things is great, but you don’t want to be the jack of all trades, master of none. Instead, become an expert in a few things. Use relevant keywords throughout your profile that are associated with what you do. Creative, hard-working, organized are all great strengths, but they don’t set you apart. Instead list specific problems that you can solve.

Profile Picture – Make Your Mom Proud 

Unfortunately the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply to your headshot. Even with the best intentions, future employers will make snap judgments based on the headshot you decide to use as your profile picture. Avoid these common profile picture mistakes when choosing your next headshot.  

Leverage LinkedIn – Connect with Over 43 Million Professionals 

LinkedIn is known as the professional Facebook, so if you have not leveraged it yet, it’s time to get on the bandwagon. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to expand on your one-page resume. Network and join groups that are of interest to you and build your credibility by gaining endorsements throughout your network. Still not sure how to leverage LinkedIn? Check out these tips to market yourself through your profile.

Be Active Online – You Can’t Be Found if You Don’t Show Up

How are you going to sell yourself online if you are not active? Create an image for yourself and post regularly on multiple platforms. If you volunteer, won an award, learned something new, let people know! The best way to get found is to get yourself out there.

Follow and comment on companies or other social accounts that are associated with your personal brand. It is not always about the amount of followers, but the actions that you take online. So take action, and make it easy for others to take action on your social sites by having a strategic link or call to action of your choice.

Call to action button on social platformIf you have other ways that make you stand out from the crowd online we’d love to hear them below. Share how you market yourself online!

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