About Us

Proof Digital is different.

We are not your average, it’s-all-about-the-numbers kind of digital marketing outfit (although don’t get us wrong, we love numbers). Our story revolves around bringing innovative talent together to help our clients stay ahead of the fast changing online market.

The world of marketing and how people consume information changes every day. To stay-up with this change, we needed a team on the cutting edge. You know this. Just when you figured out Facebook….here comes Instagram. Should you use this platform or not. Just when Google changes their algorithm, you lose traffic to your site and ultimately leads for your sales team.

Here’s how we do it.

The Proof Digital team consists of eight employees, a vast number of content writers, and our “Intraspire” innovation team. This team consists of young talent working in multiple industries with deep technical skills from across the United States. They are led by Proof Digital team members who build apps, solve challenges, create new solutions and stay ahead of technology.  You’ll find this team working from 9 p.m. every night until the morning hours – because this is when they work best.

We have the best talent, work from all over and give our clients the “attention they deserve” 24-7. 

We bring new ideas and creative solutions to the table. We form solid relationships with all our clients, working side-by-side with them to grow businesses using a combination of powerful digital marketing techniques, detailed analysis and innovative solutions.

But don’t just take our word for it! Expertise, a company that strives to bring you the experts in any line of work, ranked Proof Digital within the top 11 Digital Marketing Agencies in Indianapolis. Out of 196 contendants reviewed, Proof Digital made its way to the top.

We will relentlessly invest our time, talent and brainpower straight into your organization – no matter where you are in the world – by using cutting-edge online collaboration tools that form the framework of our firm.
We’re different. And we think you’ll like us that way.