Digital Marketing: 4 Ways to Navigate Apple’s Open Privacy Changes for Email Marketers

Email marketers often rely on open rates to determine the success of their digital marketing strategies. But Apple’s incoming iOS privacy features may prove a huge stumbling block to the way these marketers leverage open rates. It may no longer be possible to tell how readers react to email if iOS users adopt the new privacy features.

The new iOS 15 privacy features

Apple announced a raft of new iOS 15 privacy features at its Worldwide Developers Conference that include the following:

  • Mail Privacy Protection: According to Litmus, users with early access to iOS 15 may opt in to mail privacy in the new Mail Privacy Protection feature. The feature will mask IP addresses and block marketers and other third parties from tracking email opens.
  • iCloud+: This feature will prevent third parties from tracking Safari users using a VPN-like Private Relay tool.
  • Hide My Mail: This feature comes bundled with iCloud+, and allows users to send fake email addresses to sites. Marketers now won’t see real email addresses of their targets.

Ways to navigate iOS 15 privacy features for email marketers

The new privacy features may seem scary at first, but the good news is that email marketers can still navigate them. Here are four ways you can navigate these changes to keep your email marketing strategy efficient:

  • Keep tabs on updates from Apple: Continue following Apple’s updates to learn the ways new changes are likely to affect your email marketing, so you can take appropriate measures.
  • Remember that changes won’t affect all email readers: Not all email readers are on Apple Mail – some are on Google, Outlook, and other email providers. You may want to focus on non-Apple Mail users, and still remain profitable.
  • Adjust your open rate goals: Consider adjusting your open rate goals since a majority of your email readers will become untraceable. Choose your new low, average and high rates.
  • Leverage other email marketing data: Focus on other email marketing data, such as the Clicks and click-through rates, traffic to your site, unsubscribe rates, and Clickmaps.

If you’re looking to ensure your email marketing strategies remain efficient in the wake of Apple’s open privacy changes, you can get in touch with us at Proof Digital for help. Contact us today for additional information and aid.