Digital Marketing Success Story: Client Platform Acquired by American Express

How data-driven digital marketing leads to higher product visibility, better company profits and big time success.

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How big of a role can digital marketing efforts play in the success of a business? Big enough to help get a company’s product acquired by American Express, that’s how big.

This is one of our favorite client success stories of 2019. Take a look at ACOM Solutions, and what happened when a targeted digital marketing strategy got fast results, and exceeding already high expectations.


The ACOM Solutions Challenge

When we first started working with ACOM Solutions, our digital marketing efforts were focused on elevating their position in the financial technology market as a leader in Accounts Payable (AP) payment automation. But in early 2019, company executives decided to focus on pushing forward a relatively new product called acompay™, which is a digital payment automation platform designed to help business customers make supplier payments, manage business spending and improve cash flow.

While they were not yet seeing a profit from acompay™, ACOM Solutions knew there was a substantial market for it. Our task was to change their entire brand and messaging as a company – fast and in real time. In part, this was due to the fact that they were looking to grow the business while also considering various exit strategies linked with the new software launch – including a potential acquisition. Spoiler alert: it worked.

A Fierce Digital Marketing Strategy

Fierce Digital Marketing Strategy
In order to get fast results, we worked with ACOM Solutions to develop a clear and concise digital marketing strategy. We knew we had to not only take the product to market quickly, but also reach a specific market of potential buyers. Our strategy included:

  • restructuring their entire website.
  • developing and pushing out content in the form of blogs, news postings and web content.
  • developing case studies, guides, video clips, and other vital pieces to elevate their credibility in the marketplace.
  • providing a fast, go-to-market strategy.
  • leveraging their lists and work their sales funnel via email campaigns, SEO, paid ads and other tactics.

In summary, we served as their outsourced marketing team, focusing on the most important tactics to elevate their company every month.

Putting the Plan In Place

Clients request website design and development services from us often, and it might be hard to believe, but we reworked ACOM Solutions’ entire site in real-time within only five weeks. Our efforts got their site ranking for over 4,400 keywords in the Accounts Payable space over the past year. In addition, we:
Putting the Plan In Place

  • Set up advanced lead tracking, chat, A/B testing and launched email campaigns to increase partners and sales.
  • Created downloadables and case studies to capture leads.
  • Created an educational hub to draw more traffic and credibility.

The Big Finale

When company executives and managers ask us if data-driven, multi-channel digital marketing and SEO can really make that big of a difference, the answer is one loud and enthusiastic yes. How much of a difference?

Last June, software solution acompay™ was acquired by American Express. Executive Vice President, Mark Firmin, who lead the effort from ACOM Solutions, said, “Our work with the Proof Digital team totally changed the path for our company, and rapidly elevated the acompay™ product in the fintech market.”

We congratulate ACOM Solutions for their company’s success in 2019, and are honored to have played a role in elevating their product to the highest level. We look forward to more good things in 2020.

What Can Digital Marketing Do For You?

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