How 5 Popular Brands Are Leveraging LinkedIn

Facebook is your favorite college jersey whereas LinkedIn is that suit and tie hanging in the back of your closet. In other words, LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. Just what you wanted to hear…ANOTHER social media platform your company should be utilizing. But getting the most out of LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a challenge!

If you’re still not convinced LinkedIn is for your company, check out how these popular companies were able to leverage LinkedIn:



It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is it’s own best example. They should be able to teach a thing a two about how it’s done! LinkedIn posts tips about what they know best…how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. By posting relevant, interesting content, LinkedIn is able to increase “likes” and user traffic.



The Walt Disney Company

When you go to a Disney Park do you feel like you are part of a movie? Yes, the extravagant rides, environment, and cartoons can be the source of this feeling, but it is also the employees, or should I say characters. Disney knows it is the characters’ talent that creates the magical feeling of a Disney Park, and they want to ensure they are hiring the best.

One way the company seeks the best talent is through LinkedIn. They constantly update their job openings and maintain their profile. Through accurate information in a timely manner, Disney is able to recruit some of the top talent offered.



Time after time, IBM is ranked in the top 20 most influential brands on Linkedin. While IBM posts original content on a consistent basis, they have also captured the essence of posting relevant articles from other sources. Sounds easy right? Well it is…just follow IBM’s footsteps and post relevant content, both original and outside sources, to draw users to your page.



What’s better than marketing your own brand? Having your followers do it for you! Marketing is not the time to be humble. You know your product is great and so should everyone else. Hubspot isn’t shy, they use the call-to-action feature on LinkedIn to have users recommend their products.



LinkedIn is meant to engage professional users. So that’s why you don’t see Forbes posting content about the “Top Ten Selfie Poses.” Instead Forbes post professional, new, and engaging content. Forbes understands that the users of LinkedIn are professional, career driven individuals that are seeking quality content.


Do you have your own opinion of the top five companies leveraging LinkedIn? We’d love to hear what you think. Tell us what you have done to make the most of your LinkedIn profile below.