How to work with a third-party partner

Proof Digital is a third-party partner with Google.  As a partner, we provide valuable services by managing your AdWords campaigns, providing you with reporting, answering your questions, and optimizing your campaigns, among many other things.   Our fees for these services vary by client needs, target market, content and graphic development, etc.

In order to understand our partnership with Google, review the below key points, as well as review Google’s Advertiser Guide: working with a third-party partner.

  • Educate yourself Understanding AdWords at an advanced level can take time, but it doesn’t take much time to learn the basics. Review the “AdWords basics” section below or visit the AdWords Help Center at to learn more. Understanding AdWords will help you make more informed decisions with your third-party partner.
  • Trust experience If you’re working with a company that’s managed hundreds of AdWords accounts, then it’s likely that they’ve developed expertise with AdWords. If they tell you that certain industries have historically higher online-advertising costs or certain keywords might not work for your business, they’re probably speaking from experience.
  • Evaluate your performance Unless you’re focused on branding, what matters most about AdWords is the return on your advertising investment (i.e. the number of new customers coming in the door). So take some time each month to measure what you’re investing, and the results you’re receiving from that investment.

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