One Thing Remains: Content

Anyone within the SEO industry understands that over the past few years, the landscape of search has changing. Suddenly tactics that had worked well no longer had the same impact. Rankings changed rapidly as some sites fell and others jumped to the top of the results list. Google implemented their Places search, effectively nullifying much of the effort local businesses had poured into their sites. Yet through all of these changes, the foundations of what makes a great website haven’t changed.

A great website has content that people want to read and people want to share. No matter what topic or industry in which you work, you need to develop a site that connects with people. How many sites, articles, or videos have you seen because someone shared it with you on social media or e-mail? Shareable content is one of the best ways to promote your content online. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen businesses try to promote their brand and tell me to “Like” their page on Facebook. Honestly, besides businesses who have someone working in them that I actually know personally, the only time I “like” a company’s Facebook page is when they have interesting content. You must win likes by having great content.

The same is true on the search side. There are some tips we can give you to help your site rank, but it’s ultimately about content. On the SEO side, great content tends to get shared. Shared content leads to links, and links lead to higher rankings. It’s really that simple. If you aren’t sure what to do with your site, start creating content. If it’s consistently good, it will be shared and will boost your rankings over time.

About the Author:
Tyler Brooks is a SEO and video production specialist at Proof SEO.