“I’d like to enlist my website as my top salesperson (after all, I don’t have to pay it commission, give vacation time and it never calls in sick).”

Using the power of SEO to sell more online is a must. If you are not on the front page of Google for that awesome lava lamp you want to sell, you are unlikely to make a sale. The first step in selling online is being found on the front page for the right keywords.

For example, there are more than 200,000 searches globally for lava lamps. Winning this search would be good, but even better would be to win the term “cheap lava lamps”. Consumers typing in this phrase have the intent to buy a lava lamp. There are about 600 searches a month for this term. When choosing the keywords to focus online, be sure to focus on keywords where the searcher is looking to buy something.

Our team knows how to leverage both online ads and organic search to help you win the keywords that generate sales. We understand the popularity, the relevance, and the competitiveness of every keyword.

We dig deep into the competitive landscape for each keyword by analyzing links, rankings, and traffic patterns. We also analyze down to every page as it relates to consumer behaviors, so your site is set up to convert. Then we test, test, and test some more.

Looking to implement online ads into your online marketing strategy? We know the calculations. To get a more accurate number of what you can afford to pay, we help you estimate how much traffic you can expect to convert based on your budget. We also know how to extend your dollars. Recently, we took one client from paying $2.70 per click to paying $0.18 per click on several keywords.

Don’t spend $2 online to sell a $2.50 cupcake. Making wise online marketing decisions is what we do best. Let us help you sell more online.

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