Stepping Up Innovation to Help Medical Community and Expand

Blackburn is not new to innovation. You know those little flags in your yard to mark utilities. Well, E.A. “Bud” Blackburn, the founder of Blackburn Flag invented the first Marking Flag machine to mass-produce marking flags using a small piece of vinyl attached to a wire staff. This innovation and determination was just the start for this amazing company.

Company Expands by Launching Ecommerce Solution

A few years back, this company expanded their business by launching a new ecommerce solution for their company and clients. (See their case study.) This site continues to grow year after year.

But their real story is how much they care about their community! Back in April when COVID escalated, the medical community was desperate for protective gear. They stepped up and provided a solution. In just days, they went from producing marking flags for your lawn to making PPE for their local hospital. They are heroes!

“Crazy time for sure,” said Jennifer Blackburn Nielsen. “Whatever small part we can do to help anybody out we’re more than happy and willing to do so if we can.”

Blackburn has been providing more and more marketing/safety solutions during this crazy time. They are now leading efforts to explore multichannel efforts to bring more of their solutions to an expanding customer base.

We are sure proud to have them as our client!! Their tagline is “Designed to Leave Your Mark” – they are certainly leaving their mark and helping our world.

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