Top 10 Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2015

Ever feel like keeping up with the latest marketing trends is similar to chasing a tornado? Trying to track what’s hot (and what’s not) can leave you feeling dizzy and downright disoriented. We understand. That’s why we suggest that instead of attempting to filter through every single news item and website that has anything to do with the world of marketing, try following specific blogs instead.

While we know there are many to choose from, we’ve picked out some of our favorites. So here they are – our top 10 marketing blogs for 2015.

hubspot logo

Hubspot Inbound Hub

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, Hubspot’s Inbound blog just might be the thing. Utilize Hubspot to get a quick glance at all the new marketing trends. It also features how-to posts, fresh insights, and controversial hot topics within the marketing field.

Kissmetrics Logo


Sure, social media is all the buzz, but how can you utilize itto generate more business? Kissmetrics will teach you how to convert your social media followers and site traffic into business leads. And for those of you that are not sure are to use A/B testing…Kissmetrics is sure to clear it up!

Marketo Logo


In the real estate world, it’s all about location, location, location. In digital marketing, it’s all about content, and nobody understands this better than Marketo. If you are feeling stuck when it comes to site content, or if you’re just looking for answers to common marketing questions, you’re likely to find help here. Also, check out its take on current marketing trends and interesting daily posts.



When it comes to understanding SEO, well … it can be confusing. What exactly is search engine optimization, anyway? And how does it work? Moz offers clarity when it comes to getting the most out of your website – as well as content marketing, responsive design, Google updates and building communities.

Social Media Examiner-Logo

Social Media Examiner

No doubt that social media is an effective tool for marketers, and Social Media Examiner offers clever tips and tricks along with strategies to enhance your social media. With 1.73 billion social media users, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to generate leads. Follow Social Media Examiner to enhance your social media market.

The financial brand logo


The Financial Brand: Snarketing

What better way to learn than from checking out the mistakes of others? Especially before you embark on a new marketing plan or initiative. Before you let your team make any marketing mistakes, check out  Snarketing, and learn about past failures in the marketing industry. As good as it is to learn what to do, you should also learn what not to do. No company wants to share their failures, so learn about them in Snarketing.

Sprout Social Logo

Sprout Social Insights

Specializing in content and social media, Sprout Social’s blog is sure to provide added inspiration for your marketing strategy. Not only does this site offer blogs about social media, but it also features thousands of examples of social content for different brands. earn the ins and outs of social media from the pros here.

Velocity Logo

Velocity Partners

If you love to venture on the  road less traveled, then you’ll love Velocity Partners blog. Not only does it highlight  new marketing trends, but it illustrates how each aspect of a trend can fit into a marketing strategy. Velocity Partners looks beyond general marketing and offers ? perspectives on ?. Velocity Partners forces you to think about your brand and to question whether or not a specific trend is right for your business.

Buffer logo


Due to their well-researched posts, Buffer has become extremely popular in a short period of time. Buffer covers everything related to online marketing. What makes this site unique is that it examines the behaviors of different buyers and the impact they have on marketing. This can help you better understand your own target market and how you can reach them more effectively.

Content Marketing Institute logo

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing values quality over quantity so you always know you are getting relative information. Content Marketing Institute understands content, so check out their blog to increase your SEO efforts!

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite blogs when it comes to the  latest marketing industry trends, we’d love to hear what you think! Do you have any favorite blogs that help you stay current with your business marketing efforts? Please tell us about them below.