Why You Should Be Using Infographics

How can your company stand out in the digital market when millions of new posts, blogs and notices are distributed every single day? With that kind of competition, you’re going to need a little something extra to catch a potential customer’s eye, and we have just the solution. By incorporating infographics – a visual representation of information – into your digital marketing efforts, you can stand out from the crowd and improve  your digital marketing efforts. Here are five reasons why you should be using infographics.


Quickly Grab Attention

Let’s be honest, would you rather read a couple of long paragraphs, or get the same information by looking at a picture? Infographics have the ability to tell viewers the same amount of information as content, with the added benefit of capturing user attention immediately. In fact, 90% of information that enters the brain is visual, therefore people are more likely to remember it is displayed graphically.


Increase Brand Awareness

Golden arches lit up on buildingOne of the most iconic company symbols in the world is the Golden Arches of McDonalds. No matter where you are or what language you speak,  when you see that symbol you know what company it stands for. Having a powerful logo – and implementing it into your infographics – is a great way to build brand awareness. Infographics are also better understood by those who speak different languages or are from different cultures. . When they also incorporate your company brand, they can be that much more powerful.

Increase Website Visibility and SEO Benefits

Did you know that displaying infographics over simple content can nearly double your website views? If done right, infographics can also generate more followers. Most users  will automatically scroll past content, no matter how good it is. But an appealing infographic will cause someone to stop and take a look. In addition, if the infographic is effective, it can be “shared,” “liked,” or “clicked” on, which translates to more followers! Infographics can also lead to higher Google rankings for your website because more people will likely notice and then link to your site.

Infographic of animal experiments in the UK

Ease of Use

One of the best features of an infographic is that they are designed to be easily embedded. If your infographic is being used in another location and someone clicks on it, then they will be linked right back to your site. It is that easy to increase your websites visibility!


It takes research and knowledge to create an infographic. Implementing graphs, tables and statistics within your content and collateral materials will position you and your company as an expert in your industry. Infographics represent knowledge, experience and authority.



No doubt about it: infographics can raise the bar when it comes to digital marketing and online content. What do you think? Have you used infographics as an effective element on your website, and what benefits have you noticed? Have they helped generate business? Please let us know about your experiences below.