Where to Find FREE High Quality Blog Images

Discover thousands of photos available at your fingertips, all high quality and free of cost.

By: Katherine Deighan

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Often times, an image is the first stimulant that catches our attention when browsing online. With endless advertisements and content circulating the web, all competing to catch our attention, it can be hard to have your business stand out.

The photos you use can be just as important as the text, considering a viewer is drawn in due to a captivating image or an intriguing headline. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an enticing, high quality, and relatable image that relates to your brand. But, is it worth the cost?

Although the photos you use are important, your budget may not allow for an unlimited photo album. That’s okay.

There are plenty of websites online that offer free stock photos available for download. While these photo libraries may have fewer options, it is likely you will be able to find an image that is applicable, at least on one of the many sites available.

We’re sharing 10 of our favorite sites that offer high-quality images free of cost. These images can be multi-faceted and used within blog posts, advertisements, social media posts, presentations, and flyers. This allows you to shift your cash towards any additional marketing tactics. Click on the site to explore their library.


Websites for Free Images

1. Unsplash 

Known as one of the top photography websites according to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, you are guaranteed to find a photo for any circumstance. Unsplash’s extensive library contains nearly 700,000 beautiful photos from a collection of 100,000+ photographers. You could spend hours searching their library filtering through all the photos…telling you from personal experience!



2. Pexels 

Pexels extensive library is a go-to for many bloggers! Search for anything ranging from a winter wonderland to a cup of coffee, or a workers commute. Pexel allows you to use these photos wherever you please, all free of cost. Oh, and they even have videos available for download, bonus!


3. Reshot 

Reshot’s mission aims to bring together the world’s creators and present an album of some of the best content produced by some of the newest upcoming photographers. This not only creates an opportunity for these artistic individuals to showcase their talents, but it also benefits all those who are in need of non-traditional images on a limited budget. Check out this spectacular library and be amazed at the talent around us.


4. Gratisography 


Gratisography has something different to offer and they classify themselves as, “The world’s quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures, comprised of the world’s best, most creative images – photos you just won’t find anywhere else.” You heard it here first, check out this site if you’re wanting to stray away from the traditional “stocky” photos and include a more original, fun and unique image. Their library is limited in quantity since they pick only the best photos that match their brand.


5. Rawpixel 

Rawpixel not only contains an extensive album of photos available for download, but its photos also demonstrate the authenticity of society today. Their goal is to find new and creative ways to display how the people, places, and objects within our community appear today. Rawpixel even created a World Face campaign which includes beautiful portraits of diverse faces from all around the world. Also, they offer an additional caveat: Upgrade to premium and some of the proceeds will benefit Hope For Children, which helps empower children to reach their potential and live a fulfilling life.


6. Pixabay 

Offering over 1.6 million photos, this platform has everything you need! A unique attribute to Pixabay is the filters it allows you to view. Choose whether you want to see some of the editors top picks for the week or filter photos based on the photographer or the camera used. Videos are also available to download.


Pixabay 7. FoodiesFeed

FoodiesFeed is a personal favorite, as I consider myself both a food enthusiast as well as a social media and blogging expert! This site offers exactly what you think, high-quality food pictures for your blog, social media, or personal use. Forewarning, don’t visit this site if you’re feeling hungry…These foodie photos are so appealing that you’ll be wanting to eat everything in sight. Enjoy, or shall I say, bon appetit!

Just a reminder that nearly all of the images on these sites allow you to use these without needing permission from the author. Therefore, you can download and distribute these images wherever and whenever!


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