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Lead Generation & Online Marketing

The Company

Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites features exhibits on the history, art, culture and science of the state, ranging from prehistoric times to current day.

The Process

We worked with ISM to bring their website out of the dark ages, advised them on best practices in online marketing and SEO, and carried out a multi-year AdWords campaign, using a Google Ad Grant that we actually helped them obtain. The value of the grant to-date is $241,168.  

The Results

With the AdWords campaigns through the Google Grant, we have driven 260,779 visits to their website – promoting all of their programs. In addition, the Ads promoted on Google have had 5,488,767 impressions. This is the number of times the Museum’s programs and brand has appeared in a Google search since late 2012. By implementing our online strategies, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites was covered by Wired Magazine because of our efforts. 

Their Feedback

“When we started working with Proof Digital, our website was stuck in the dark ages, with no SEO to speak of.  We worked with Owner Stacie Bilger to bring the website search up-to-date with best practices, and to carry out a multi-year AdWords campaign, using a Google Ad Grant that she actually helped us obtain.

Today, we are “top of the fold” on many important search terms, and have seen a significant increase in traffic driven to our website. Not only that, but we were recently featured in WIRED magazine for the “Indy in the Month of May” story – thanks to a Google search they did. We popped up on top and got the coverage because of it!”

–    Aja N. May, Vice President of Marketing, Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites, Indianapolis