About Us

Stacie Porter-Bilger

Our Story

The story of Proof Digital’s birth in 2012 was preceded by a few decades of helping businesses grow through economic development, go-to-market strategies, connecting businesses to investors, and overall business planning.

Our founder, Stacie Porter Bilger, spent the first 20 years of her career helping businesses within Chambers of Commerce and start-up organizations like the Indiana Venture Center. She reviewed, analyzed and worked with teams to develop business strategies for hundreds of businesses.

And the one piece that came back over and over –

By working with teams, Stacie got addicted to helping companies understand who buys their product and why. Who are their competitors? How to find opportunities? And how to be the answer when someone is looking for a solution to their problem.

Stacie’s strategy was to turn Proof Digital into a business-growth marketing agency with a strategic approach by blending today’s marketing tools (SEO, PPC, paid social ads, content marketing, advanced analytics, competitive intelligence and more) with traditional sales funnel processes (awareness, persuasion, decision, and confirmation).

And a key piece to this strategy is all about leveraging expert marketing teams to put this approach into play.

Our Team

The future is difficult to predict. However, the Proof Digital team works everyday to stay on top of growing trends to figure out new and better ways for our clients to sell and serve their customers.

To do that, you’ll need to reach these customers first — and that’s our strength. If you want to be disruptive, reach new customers, and connect at a deeper level with your customers, we are committed to help.

We are a collection of the thinkers and go-getters who not only work everyday to master the online marketing world, we are a team that redefines work and agency structures by leveraging talent (both in-house talent and independent experts). This is the way of tomorrow’s workforce.

We have a mix of full-time strategists, technology wizards, expert e-commerce consultants, part-time at home moms who know how to write like no other, and an overall team who are seeking a better way to work innovatively and more efficiently.

The way we work is changing, and Proof Digital is at the forefront of bringing in talented teams to help our clients grow.


We have an office in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, with team members all over the world.

There is a science and an art to
marketing/sales strategies in today’s world.

Proof Digital works to master it everyday.

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Our Values

Passionately Innovate.

Be curious, always learn and grow, pursue creative brilliance.

Own It.

Take initiative, remove obstacles, make great things happen.

Think Team.

Collaborate, support and generously invest in each other.

Deliver Results.

Stay data-driven but human focused, produce exceptional outcomes.

Seek Joy.

Notice the little things, be open, spread joy.

Be the Change.

Give back, celebrate community, shape a better future.

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