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Highmark Homepage Screen

Highmark TechSystems

Highmark TechSystems provides the structure behind the world's best events, from modular multi-level decks and architecture, to wall systems for temporary exhibits and buildings. They had a beautiful story to tell with amazing imagery of their structures at events all over the United States.  We worked with their team to design and launch a new website that helps their partners envision the possible, while also providing resources to ease the development of structures at these engaging events.
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Learn More Indiana Homepage Screen

Learn More Indiana

Learn More Indiana required a complete website redesign that would not only improve the design and user experience, but also ensure mobile responsiveness and ADA compliance, offer more translation options, and increase security.
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Foster Success Homepage Screen

Foster Success

Foster Success was looking for not only a company to redesign and streamline their website, but an expert partner to guide them throughout the entire strategic marketing process. We were tasked with increasing the impact of this organization for the foster community.
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Blackburn Manufacturing

When Blackburn came to us, they had no control over their outdated website, and it was severely impeding their growth as a company.

Since launching their website in 2015 and implementing marketing strategies, Blackburn has seen a 480% increase in online sales, increased their overall company revenue by 2.5x, and increased Google rankings by 2,000+ keywords. They are now beating monster businesses online like Amazon, Lowes, Uline and more.

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Propet Homepage Screen

Propét Footwear

We worked with the Propét Footwear team on launching a new B2C e-commerce website system on BigCommerce in the fall of 2022. We then jumped in and launched a marketing initiative resulting in a 264% increase in Organic traffic, implementing multiple ad campaigns with 5x returns, and increasing email lists by 10x. This work resulted in meeting their initial annual revenue goal in less than 90 days.
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Donovan CPAs

Donovan Certified Public Accountants and Advisors has been a comprehensive financial resource for over 50 years, indicating a solid track record of success. We are their web development and marketing partner.

We develop their brand guide, implement SEO monthly, run geofencing ads for recruitment, and guide their team monthly on how to elevate their overall brand.  One of our favorite stories is the development and launch of a unique story email series called "Hold The Jargon."  This email reaches thousands and has a 57% open rate!

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When the YOURspace team needed a site launched fast, they came to us. They are an entrepreneurial group with whom we have collaborated successfully in the past. Their team laid out their plan, and we jumped right in so that they could start promoting their new company.
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Meyer Najem

Since 1987, Meyer Najem has developed a long list of satisfied clients in various aspects of the community, including Corporate and Commercial, Healthcare, Higher Education, Industrial, Municipal, Government, Senior Living, and Sports Facilities. With a quick turnaround, we have created a modern, professional website that showcases Meyer Najem’s extensive portfolio.
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Stone Center

Since 1969, Stone Center of Indiana has been providing the finest architectural and landscape stone products to builders, architects, contractors and homeowners. As part of our partnership with them, Proof Digital created a modern, professional website that showcases hundreds of their stone and brick products. In addition, we oversee all of the company’s online marketing and SEO efforts.

The Stone Center is now top-ranking on Google for key industry phrases, and they rank No. 1 if you Google “buy stone” in the Indianapolis area.

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Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration helps companies generate billions of dollars in sales by focusing on strategy, process, and execution.

We employed carefully designed strategies via videos, LinkedIn tactics, online ads, and lead generation landing pages. We helped them grow from 175 users a month to more than 5,000 users a month during their start-up years. We’ve witnessed their transformation from a midwestern company to a national sales outsourcing brand with advisors throughout the country (and internationally).

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Estes Designs

Seeing the need to develop long-lasting products in an area that was once thought to be disposable, Estes began designing and manufacturing unique aluminum mailboxes in 2003. Since then, Estes Designs has grown to become Central Indiana’s largest supplier and installer of mailbox units to home builders.

We did a partial redesign of their website and implemented a PPC campaign to increase their sales!

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Acom Health Website

ACOM Health

ACOM Health, armed with its award-winning software, offered the chiropractic industry the most effective, comprehensive, and results-oriented solutions for EHR and Practice Management Software. We took over all of ACOM Health’s marketing efforts, overseeing a wide range of endeavors including website management, email campaigns, AdWords, graphics, and more. UPDATE: In 2020, we helped ACOM Health elevate its business to a successful exit and acquisition.
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AcomHealth Website


When we first started working with ACOM Solutions, our digital marketing efforts were focused on elevating their position in the financial technology market as a leader in Accounts Payable (AP) payment automation. But in early 2019, company executives decided to focus on pushing forward a relatively new product called acompay™, which is a digital payment automation platform designed to help business customers make supplier payments, manage business spending and improve cash flow. We worked with the acompay™ team from development of the brand and marketing strategy to the acquisition of the company by American Express in 2 years.
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