SEO Audit

with Data Dashboard

We analyze your website to identify actionable SEO opportunities and issues. Then display them in a user-friendly dashboard that updates daily.

Get the Best Look at Your Site's Performance

Identify foundational issues affecting your search performance and opportunities to move your website higher in the search results.

We also take it a step further and lay out a custom plan with specific actionable steps that will give you measurable results.

We will create an audit with your budget in mind.

Lead Dashboard

We pull data from paid search, organic search, email metrics and any other lead generating categories and display it in real-time.

How is this useful?

You can track results at a glance across various channels without navigating between multiple platforms.

Keyword Rankings

We display your website’s target keywords with search position, keyword volumes, traffic per keyword, and position change.

How is this useful?

You can use this data to determine the subject of your next blog article or page.

Competitor Rankings

We uncover your competitors’ keyword rankings to see where they are focusing their efforts.

How is this useful?

You can gain keyword and content ideas by looking at what is working for your competitors.

Technical SEO

We structure your website to perform in alignment with Google’s algorithm.

How is this useful?

We clean up your site, so your search rankings can reach their full potential. 

Content SEO

We analyze your content to identify trends, issues, and opportunities.

Well-structured, quality content on a high-performance website is the foundation of good SEO.

How is this useful?

You can identify the content trends on high-converting pages and apply the findings to other pages to increase conversions.


We display live data and custom metrics designed to provide actionable insights to increase conversions.

How is this useful?

Conversions are the most important performance metric.

By optimizing conversions, you can turn your website into your top salesperson.

Are you interested in elevating your site’s online presence?

We are happy to work with you to create a budget-friendly audit that will give you quick, measurable wins.

How Is Your Site Performing?

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