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Proof Point isn’t your average marketing podcast. We’re all about data-driven insights, actionable strategies, and real-world results. We’re here to solve problems, create value, and help you find opportunities in the digital space.
Intrusive Leadership | This Is Where the Magic Happens

Intrusive Leadership | This Is Where the Magic Happens

In this episode of the Proof Point podcast, Stacie Porter Bilger hosts Jason Kuzik, a United States Coast Guard officer, about the power of intrusive leadership. Jason shares insights on his leadership approach and military service, including his Coast Guard adventures on the Great Lakes. His narratives emphasize being sensitive to others’ needs and valuing and supporting team members.

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Decoding Digital Success with Chad Franzen

Decoding Digital Success

Stacie Porter Bilger is the Founder and President of Proof Digital, a business growth-marketing agency that blends modern marketing tools with traditional sales funnel processes.

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Top Digital Tips 2024

Top Digital Tips for 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, the new year will bring revolutionary innovation and growth that will impact how we work and live. So what digital trends are in store for 2024, and how can businesses adapt their marketing strategies accordingly?

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