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We know how frustrating it is to watch your marketing budget evaporate with little to show for it. We partner with organizations to create humming marketing engines, fueled by data and insights, that drive growth and deliver a tangible return on your investment.

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Tell us about your business goals and challenges. We’ll listen, and together we’ll create a strategic plan that gets results.

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Customer Acquisition

We partner with you to bring your plan to life and generate new customers. We meet with you regularly to set you up to win on the web.

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Growth Tactic

Through targeted refinement, we leverage data to continually learn and grow your sales like never before.


Solutions Focused. Results Driven.

Proof Digital brings expertise in complex digital channels that are changing daily. We provide integrated solutions and deliverables tailored to accelerate sales funnel growth.

Brand Development

We help you build and nurture your target audience’s trust in your brand while also helping you build a brand that stands out from the competition.


• Brand and Graphic Messaging
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Discover & Reach Target Audience
• Dashboard Development
• SMART Goals

Marketing Strategy

We partner with you to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business and your target audience.


• Lead Generation
• Email Sequencing
• Sales Funnel Optimization
• Market Analysis
• KPI Analysis
• Data Analytics & Insights

Search Marketing

We create fierce and focus digital marketing strategies that are tailored to YOUR business. No one marketing strategy works for all businesses. At Proof Digital, we recognize that and work with you to develop a unique plan to reach and capture new customers.


• SEO: Search Engine Optimization
• Technical SEO
• Local SEO
• Content Marketing
• Link Building

Paid Media

Paid advertising is a great way to reach your customers, but you need to make sure those ads are directed to the right customers, your target market, so that your money doesn’t go to waste. We use data analytics to optimize your paid ads so that you can convert more leads than you have before.


• Paid Google Search
• Paid Social Ads
• Display Ads
• Google Merchant Ads
• Amazon Ads
• Print Ads
• Creative Development


With the world becoming increasingly digital, many consumers are leaning on efficient and simple e-commerce websites to view and purchase the products they want. We help e-commerce businesses optimize their websites, streamline their sales processes and acquire more customers that will in turn increase sales.


• Shopping Cart Optimization
• Increase Sales and Overall Revenue
• Improve Shipping Processes
• Improve Order Accuracy
• Lessen Time Needed to Manage Orders
• Increase Average Order Value

Web Development

Your webpage is the face of your business. In the first five seconds of visiting your website, a customer should know what you offer and how you can help them better than the competition. At Proof Digital, we make sure your website clearly represents your business and effectively communicates what you offer so that you turn more leads into paying customers.


• Customized WordPress Websites
• Build Lead Generation Systems
• Improve On-Page SEO
• Implementation of Advanced Data Tracking
• Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
• Designed to Convert Leads
• Premium and Secure Hosting

Attention You Deserve



increase in online sales

Blackburn Case Study



increase in online sales

Blackburn Case Study



increase in leads



increase in leads

Our Clients Are Our Partners

We work with them on every aspect of their marketing efforts to improve results month-in and month-out. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

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