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Unlock Actionable Insights With Fully Managed Data Analytics

Luke Komiskey

Luke Komiskey is the Founder and CEO of DataDrive, a consulting firm specializing in managed analytic services. With over a decade of experience, Luke has played a pivotal role in making data analytics more accessible to various businesses.

Under his leadership, DataDrive has evolved into a global team of professionals, supporting over 150 organizations, including healthcare, public education, manufacturing, and software. Luke’s approach emphasizes transforming data into actionable insights, helping organizations make faster and more informed decisions. His passion for simplifying complex data challenges has been central to DataDrive’s mission of fostering a data-informed society.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How organizations like schools are using analytics data
  • AI’s role in data analytics
  • What is human-centered data?
  • How Luke Komiskey got involved in data analytics
  • Is AI changing how we leverage data?
  • Luke explains “life KPIs”
  • Why you need a foundational data strategy
  • Building out analytics capability

In this episode…

Data analytics is more than just a numbers game. Businesses possess considerable data they can only utilize if they have coherent insights. How can AI streamline your analytics?

While many businesses miss out on opportunities due to data overflow and fear that AI technology will take over jobs, data enthusiast Luke Komiskey believes humans will always be necessary to guide AI. AI can gather valuable insights to enhance your marketing story, but people must create the narrative. That’s where a data specialist comes in; however, hiring a data professional is not a one-size-fits-all solution. To effectively leverage AI, you need all the appropriate data professionals on your team. Often, data scientists are hired first, but they are only one part of the data team required to leverage AI fully. A complete end-to-end platform requires data analysts, report developers, data engineers, and data product managers working together.

In this episode of the Proof Point podcast, Stacie Porter Bilger sits down with Luke Komiskey, CEO and Founder of DataDrive, to explore the value of fully managed data analytics. Luke discusses how organizations are using data, the meaning of human-centered data, and why a foundational data strategy is necessary.

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