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Web Development and Management Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

Ben Freda

Ben Freda is the Founder and President of BFC Digital, a boutique web development company dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations with their information technology and service needs. In his role, he provides team support for coding, design, strategy, integration, and web technology solutions. Although Ben brings over 20 years of web technology experience, his career path started in the classroom of Stanford University, where he studied computer science and managed a website startup. Ben later enrolled at Columbia Law School, earning his JD and practicing corporate law. In 2010, he left the legal field to start BFC.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What services does BFC Digital offer?
  • Ben Freda explains how to keep your website secure
  • Why it’s essential to back up your website
  • Enhancing the user experience through clear communication on your website
  • The top mistakes that nonprofits make with their websites
  • Ben discusses AI in web development

In this episode…

Effective web development and management strategies are pivotal to the success of nonprofit organizations. In an increasingly competitive online environment, nonprofits must leverage their websites as powerful tools for communication, engagement, and fundraising. How can nonprofits ensure their web presence effectively conveys their mission while maximizing impact and accessibility for their audiences?

Seasoned web developer Ben Freda explains the intricacies of crafting effective web solutions for nonprofits, exemplified by Save the Children’s initiative, the Healthy Newborn Network. With a focus on reducing child mortality worldwide, this project necessitates a robust online platform accessible to practitioners in remote areas. Notably, Ben underscores the criticality of understanding diverse audience needs, from on-the-ground practitioners to academics and government stakeholders. Moreover, he highlights the common pitfall of prioritizing front-end aesthetics over back-end functionality, stressing the importance of a user-friendly interface for long-term manageability. By championing audience-centric design and prioritizing flexibility, nonprofits can leverage their digital presence to enact meaningful social change.

In this episode of the Proof Point podcast, Stacie Porter Bilger sits down with Ben Freda, the Founder and President of BFC Digital, to discuss website development and management strategies for nonprofit organizations. Ben talks about how to keep your website secure, the value of clear communication on websites, and the role of AI in web development.

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