Are Bad Reviews Costing You Money?

Are Bad Reviews Costing You Money?

If you’re not making the most of online reviews, your business is most likely suffering. Here’s what you can do.

Online reviews are important for business, whether you like them or not. In fact, research shows that 84% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. On the other hand, if you don’t have any – or your reviews are negative – they can do significant damage to your business. Studies show that bad reviews, which essentially are individuals fleeing your business, add up to a loss of $500 each.

If you’re not quite sure what to do with online business reviews, you’re not alone. Many business owners aren’t sure if they’re even getting online reviews at all, let alone how they should handle them. How do you get more, do they really matter that much, and what should you do about a negative one? We’ve got answers.

How to Get More Reviews, Make More Money

  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service. It all starts with providing the best customer service possible so that your customers are happy and ready to spread the word. Only then can you move on the the next step: asking for feedback.
    How to Get More Reviews, Make More Money
  2. Collect Customer Feedback. Have a process in place that automatically asks for testimonials or feedback at the time you deliver your products or services. Send a review request shortly after the transaction is complete, while the experience is fresh on your customer’s mind. Studies show that seven out of ten customers are likely to leave you a review when asked personally.
  3. Be Specific. Train your employees to make customer feedback a natural part of each business transaction. Clearly communicate to your customers that you care what they think, and let them know in advance that they will be asked to share their experiences once the transaction is complete. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to personally engage and ask for feedback.
  4. Make the Review Process Easy. Include a “Review Us,” or “Tell Us What You Think” page on your website, and feature links to major review sites in your all your business communications, including emails, websites and printed materials.
  5. Make the Review Process EasyDon’t Ignore Bad Reviews. It’s not easy to effectively apologize or make amends online, but you and your team must learn how to do so. Polish up your communication skills and respond with care and concern.

Never respond to bad reviews by:

  • blaming the customer
  • pointing the finger at your staff
  • throwing someone else under the bus
  • using profane or unprofessional language
  • writing a long-winded response
  • implying that you are not taking responsibility.  

How Do You Handle Reviews?

Online reviews are a standard part of doing business, and actively pursuing positive ones and dealing with negative ones are part of the process. We’d love to know what types of concerns or struggles you’ve had with online reviews, and if you’ve found any additional tips or tricks that work when managing them. Please leave your feedback below.