Ashley Lightner

Ashley Lightener

Business Development Manager

For over 16 years, Ashley Lightner has had a passion for leveraging data to merge sales and marketing strategies to elevate any brand.

Ashley is Proof’s Business Development and Strategy manager. She has a wide variety of experience in sales and marketing in the agency world including start-ups, SaaS companies, large insurance corporations, and B2C types of industries.

Ashley loves marketing and coming up with unique, efficient strategies to enhance client success. She believes Proof to be the perfect fit for her because of the culture, values, and team. Ashley’s expertise and amazing personality adds to the diversity of knowledge to our team.

When not working, you can find Ashley outdoors. Her happy place is in the water when it is warm…usually, at a lake cottage, tubing, swimming, or just going on boat rides. She also enjoys being a mother to a bright and energetic one-year-old who keeps her busy with all his adorable antics.

What Makes Ashley Unique? 

Ashley is a self-described nerd and introvert who is very competitive. She may be naturally introverted, but we dare you to challenge her…to anything. We guarantee she won’t back down, or she’ll come up with some witty reason why it’s beneath her. 

Ashley loves to nerd out over mystery novels, but when she’s not reading she’s outside running, building the next DIY project at her home, playing with her dog or keeping up with her littleboy. Maybe it’s because she’s all hopped up on Diet Mountain Dew that she’s able to do it all.

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