Bold and Innovative PIVOTS by Our Clients

Looking to learn how other businesses have successfully pivoted their business with great results during these crazy times. Here are some great examples!

We have had a lot of lessons this year from our world’s health crisis. And from our perspective, one of the biggest lessons from the businesses we serve is the importance of agility and the ability to pivot. We’ve seen so many of our clients step up and do what great businesses do – they solve problems and find solutions to new challenges.

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have it for you. Over the past several months, we have been working with our clients on innovative ideas – anywhere from launching new products that serve the at-home worker to retooling their online store to help so many companies meet the needs caused by COVID19 challenges.

Our Innovative Clients Continue to Adapt

We are so honored to work with the following companies who quickly adapted to this unprecedented time by helping others, while also growing business opportunities at the same time.State Safety


State Safety & Compliance

State Safety launched a new ecommerce site in the heat of the pandemic. They knew businesses needed their protective and safety gear. Committed to helping their customers keep their employees safe, a new website with advanced ecommerce functionality was launched.

Read their story.


YOURspaceYOURspace was just formed to meet the growing demand for a solution to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the at-home worker. The way we work is changing! And we don’t see it changing back to pre-covid times anytime soon or maybe never. This amazing company put together a team in just a few weeks to launch a product to solve this business challenge – a fully customizable, affordable office pod with the most versatile private workspace for any environment. They are beautiful and going like hotcakes. You have to check it out. Read more about their story and how you can get one!

Learn more.Blackburn Flag

Blackburn Flag

Blackburn Flag has been the worldwide leader in marking flags for 60+ years. You know those utility marking flags in your yard. Well, within days, this amazing company stepped up and provided a solution in the middle of the hight of the pandemic in the spring of this year. In just days, they went from producing marking flags to making PPE for their local hospital. They are heroes! They are growing year-after-year with innovation and a big heart!

Learn more about how they continue to pivot to help others and grow their company.

We are proud to work for such amazing companies.

If you are interested in learning more about how you or others can pivot during these uncertain times, let us know.