Meghan Lund

Meghan Lund

Content Marketing Manager

Meghan Lund joined Proof Digital in October 2023 bringing 2 years of experience in content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. As Proof Digital’s Content Marketing Manager, Meghan manages content and SEO strategies that drive audience engagement – bringing our clients to success..

Meghan’s career began as an elementary school teacher passionate about teaching students computer science (yes, kids CAN code!). After falling in love with a start-up CS curriculum company, Meghan transitioned to her marketing career to help boost the growth of the company’s online presence. Here she was able to boost web page views by 72% and increase sales by 26%.

When she’s not working, Meghan loves to travel, exercise, cook, and spend time with her husband and dog, Barley.

What Makes Meghan Unique?

Meghan has a competitive side, which drives her to compete against herself when optimizing company websites. By analyzing data and strategizing creative improvements, she commits to company growth through organic search.

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