6 Tips for Optimizing your Google Business Profile

A substantial number of our clients, who are under the management of our Business Profile Manager, consistently appear in Google’s Business search results. More than 50% of people who explore Google Business Profiles visit the company website. Managing your profile effectively enhances your site’s visibility and facilitates the conversion of visitors into paying customers.

What does a Google Business Profile do? It shows searchers an overview of what your business is. Information such as address, reviews, website, contact information, etc is listed.

Outlined below are our six recommendations for optimizing your Google Business Profile page:

1. Claim and Complete Your Page:

Through the use of Google Profile Manager, you can efficiently fill out your profile. Profiles that are meticulously filled out receive favor from Google. The more details you can provide, the greater the chances of your business being found across search engines. Make sure to avoid leaving any items blank.

2. Be Consistent:

By setting up your business page in Google, you can ensure consistency across all platforms. Maintain uniformity in your address, phone numbers, emails, and other company data across the web. Conflicting listings with disparate addresses and phone numbers confuse search engines. Consistency establishes your entity as a unified company, bolstering online credibility in the eyes of search engines.

3. Highlight Your Expertise with Google Business Profile Manager:

Make sure you are communicating your company’s strengths through your profile. If you operate in a niche industry or serve various sectors, explicitly explain your offerings on your Google account. This clarity aids search engines in indexing your services, and informing customers about your specific capabilities.

4. Encourage Reviews and Interactions with our Business Management Strategies:

Engage through Business Profile Manager to implement strategies for encouraging positive reviews and interactions. Find ways to incentivize positive feedback and respond graciously to negative comments when you receive them. This proactive approach showcases your genuine concern for customers and helps enhance your online reputation significantly. If your customers feel that you truly care, they will find it much easier to support your brand.

5. Keep your social media links up to date:

As Google dominates search traffic, integrating social aspects into search results is pivotal. While limitations exist in incorporating social media posts, leading your customers to your social media pages can be key to increasing your brand awareness. By integrating social links for your business, you can lead your customers to other streams that will keep them up-to-date on everything going on.

Proof Digital Can Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google Business page can be time-consuming, but its importance is only growing in the evolving landscape of search. If your business primarily caters to local markets and has yet to streamline your Google Business page, you’re missing out on valuable sales leads. 

Our experience in refining Google Business listings has consistently resulted in a substantial increase in traffic for our clients. Here are a couple of examples of the work we do with local businesses around Indianapolis.

Donovan CPAs

We develop their brand guide, implement SEO monthly, run geofencing ads for recruitment, and guide their team on how to elevate their overall brand. One of our favorite stories is the development and launch of a unique story email series called “Hold The Jargon.”  This email reaches thousands and has a 57% open rate!

We love working with this partner to share not only how they help businesses grow, but also how they help their team and community grow.

Stone Center

When Stone Center came to Proof Digital, they had an outdated site that was confusing to visitors, wasn’t getting results, and was clearly lagging behind their local online competitors.

Proof Digital built an SEO-friendly site with the ability to search and filter stone products. They are now top-ranking on Google for key phrases, with several companies in their market copying their website. Instead of being behind the times, Stone Center is far ahead of the competition.

For more information on optimizing your Google My Business Profile, please visit our contact us page.

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