Nick Hupp

Nick Hupp

Senior Digital Strategist

Nick Hupp loves data and has over five years of experience in digital marketing, content development, eCommerce, social media, and SEO.

As Proof’s Senior Digital Strategist, Nick leads the charge for SEO, ad, and analytics projects. His innate desire to not only understand how technology works, but how it can be used to enhance clients’ success, makes him a more than ideal fit for his role. Sales and marketing are also talents that Nick possesses. And, in large part, he owes those talents to his father who has worked in sales and marketing for his entire career.

Proof’s tight-knit, family environment is what drew Nick to the company. He enjoys working within a team full of individuals who look out for each other and help out where they can. The trust that he feels and has built within Proof is something he doesn’t take for granted.

What Makes Nick Unique?

Nick’s understanding of business and economics in combination with his vast knowledge of how specific technologies can be utilized to achieve and exceed company goals is what makes him unique here at Proof. 

Personally, Nick stands out because of his unrelenting loyalty. Whether that be to his friends, family, or his loveable pup, he takes pride in being fiercely loyal to those in his life.

Nick’s Latest Podcast

Episode 3: Website Performance and Digital Marketing Tools

Nick Hupp, Digital SEO Manager, joins Paul Miller to discuss the impact of SEO in regards to website speed and performance. He also shares Top 10 Tools for Digital Marketing.

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