Stacie Porter Bilger

Stacie Porter Bilger

President & Founder

Stacie is our fearless leader, but she is far different from the Rocky and Bullwinkle antagonist. She is a highly driven, data-obsessed, altruistic business leader who has been committed to the Indianapolis business community for over 25 years.

Stacie founded Proof Digital in 2012 after spending years working with teams to create marketing strategies for high-growth startup companies. During that time, she was constantly tasked with finding the right markets for fresh, innovative companies. She thoroughly enjoyed helping them achieve rapid and substantial growth.

To Stacie, data tells a story. “If you look at it, you can see an opportunity,” she says, and that is where her addiction to data and marketing comes from. It’s why she founded Proof Digital to be a data-driven company that enjoys propelling clients to their next level of success. For over 10 years, Stacie and the Proof team have seized the opportunities they’ve discovered in their clients’ data, propelling them all to new levels of success and expanding their brands’ story in the process.

As the President & Founder of a company, Stacie faces significant pressure and high expectations. However, she maintains her focus by constantly seeking opportunities to improve and expand her knowledge every day, no matter how small they may be. This commitment to progress is a crucial factor in Proof Digital’s ongoing success.

What Makes Stacie Unique?

Stacie is a competitive individual who is driven to a fault. She constantly thinks of the ways she can leave a bigger mark and change the world in some way. It’s an internal force that pushes her forward, keeping her focused on doing her best.

Above all, Stacie’s highest priority is her family. She fulfills various roles – a mother, a sister, a wife, and a daughter – and she’s always ready to answer the phone whenever any of her family members reach out to her. Her family serves as the ultimate motivation for her pursuit of greater things. Both her family and the Proof team recognize how fortunate they are to have her in their lives and as their leader.

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