Coronavirus & Working Remotely: The New Normal


Valuable new resource now available for businesses adapting to remote workers during historic coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing the way companies do business, and a significant part of the shift includes setting up remote workplaces and distributed teams. As President and Founder of Proof Digital, my goal has always been to share what I’ve learned from building remote teams and cultivating optimum resources for maximum productivity with others. After all, I built my company 10 years ago with flexibility and virtual collaboration in mind.


Now is the time.

In this unprecedented time of crisis, businesses are looking for quick and effective solutions for working differently. I have some answers, along with plenty of tips and suggestions.

The Proof Digital team is thrilled to introduce an exciting new resource that launched this week: Go Work Remotely.

It’s been a quicker-than-normal launch because we had to move fast. Our highest priority is to help company leaders who are searching for ideas on how to keep their business moving forward – when they most likely don’t have the infrastructure to immediately do so.

Through the Go Work Remotely hub, we’ll share tips on things like:

  • Managing virtual teams
  • Building guides and best practices
  • Business policies to help with expectations
  • Team collaboration tools

To learn more, take a look at this message.

Learn tips from Go Work Remotly

The Proof Digital Story

Our Proof Digital team knows a few things about working virtually and building remote teams. My own team distribution journey began in 2009, when I was lucky enough to work with a handful of community business leaders and launch Hoosier Academy, the first virtual school in Indiana. I served as Chair for just under five years, and gained priceless insights for finishing projects and accomplishing goals without having to be in the same room with fellow team members.

When I founded Proof Digital, I followed a hybrid model of remote and in-office structures. At the time, my main goal was to unleash unprecedented creativity, innovation and productivity by rethinking the traditional work environment. In addition, I didn’t want geography to get in the way of recruiting top talent, and I aimed to seamlessly work with companies all over the world. Today, my team collaborates successfully in visionary and productive ways, and I can say with confidence that we have mastered the art of working remotely.

With our combined passion and experience, we are determined to help keep businesses moving forward as we deal with this global public health crisis and beyond. I hope the valuable resources you’ll find at Go Work Remotely will help.

What Next?

In order to keep your business moving forward, I invite you to reach out and ask for help. My team and I would love to set-up a virtual meeting with you to answer any questions you have about getting your employees up, running, and working remotely as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact us, and we’ll send you a link to get started.


Faced with the daunting task of changing the way you do business during this time of crisis can feel overwhelming, and maybe even impossible. With some help, advice and support, I know that you can not only survive, you can thrive.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”” color=”black”]

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