5 Ways to Create Video for Your Website in 2020


The internet has come a long way since it first became popular in the ’90s. Just take a look at Space Jam’s website for a perfect and rather humorous reference point. Today, while there are lots of crucial elements to quality online content, some of the most sought after and effective are website videos, and fortunately, it’s easier than ever to produce and post them. Here are Proof Digital’s top tips:


Mobile Phone

1. Mobile Phone

Mobile devices have become more than just a phone – as they provide instant high-definition camera and video capabilities. You can easily create clear and impactful website videos, especially with so many available accessories to ramp up your production quality. This includes extended lenses, tripod adaptors, gimbals, and microphones that plug into the headphone jack, or USB-C port.

DSLR and High-End Equipment

If production value is of the utmost importance to you for producing website videos – and your budget allows – higher-end cameras such as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras can provide clean, rich image quality. You’ll want to consider upgraded hardware and lenses to use with these types of cameras in order to get the best shot and depth-of-field, and to also accommodate low-light situations. It is also important to have compatible tripods and stabilizers to account for the weight of the gear and balance the equipment properly, especially if you’re using a zoom lens.

To record the best audio possible with these types of cameras, consider external options to ensure it’s captured properly – so that you don’t have to re-shoot the footage later after review. This would be in the form of field recorders or boom mics that can connect directly to the camera.


If the thought of recording from a mobile phone is a turn-off, and the idea of carrying and maintaining bulkier, high-end gear is more hassle than it’s worth, you may want to consider a camcorder. These types of cameras create high-quality video and are much smaller than the DSLR and mirrorless units. Many come with a fold-out screen for easy previewing, and can flip to face the front of the camera if you are both the producer and the talent. Keep in mind that autofocus is typically on by default camcorders, and too much movement can make the camera fluctuate significantly. Some models may have audio inputs for microphones, so research before you buy to determine whether you need a microphone to link to the camera, or an external audio recorder to plug the mic into.

Built-in Computer Camera

If you don’t need the ability to move about for your videos, or you use a conferencing software to remotely interview a subject, another option is your computer’s built-in camera. Be aware that if you experience buffering and streaming, there may be some quality loss from video chat and conferencing. In this case, consider an audio interface and microphone to upgrade your audio quality.

Screen Recording

If you want to record video tutorials to help users learn a piece of software or a new graphic design technique, for example, screen recording is a good option. There are several programs available, like QuickTime on Mac, that give you the option to record your screen. There are also options to live stream your content to YouTube and Facebook for real-time commentary and feedback. For better audio quality, you can use your built-in microphone, or upgrade to a USB mic or audio interface.



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