7 Thanksgiving Marketing Tips

When most of us think about Thanksgiving, we think of food, family, football, and more food. But don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your brand through the holiday. This season, set your sales strategies into full gear and get creative with these Thanksgiving marketing tips.

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and what better opportunity to show the thankful side of your company’s brand? Let your consumers and partners know what your business is thankful for this holiday season.

Thanksgiving cards

One way to show your appreciation to your top customers and partners is through a Thanksgiving card. This gesture over the holidays can raise familiarity and develop your brand image. Make it personable by hand writing the cards with a personal note in each one.

Social Sweepstakes

Show your thanks to your customers by offering a sweepstakes for the holidays. Spread the word through social media and offer a fun, festive reward for those that partake in the sweepstakes.

Website Festivities

Temporarily redesign your website to reflect the Thanksgiving spirit. Change your logo or add fun infographics to follow a festive theme. You can also add Thanksgiving tips and recipes to bring traffic your way. You can never go wrong with a good pumpkin pie recipe!

Customer involvement

Get your customers involved in the holiday spirit. Ask your customers what they are thankful for this season. Have them send you pictures, text, and videos to post on your social media.

Thanksgiving promotion

Offer special Thanksgiving promotions. Get an early start on promoting your holiday discounts across all of your marketing channels. Try offering special discounts for customers who share post on social media.


Give Back to the Community

Show what your company is thankful for by giving back to those that are less fortunate. Use the holiday as an opportunity for your employees to volunteer together or donate to a deserving charity. Not only will you be giving back to the community, but it will create great marketing buzz.
Remember to show what you are thankful this season and have a Happy Thanksgiving!