Using Data to Boost Revenues

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

This is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. We spend a lot of money on advertising that goes to waste. Although there is no way to be perfectly competitive in advertising, we understand that you want to know how your money is being used.

In order to help you understand where to focus your marketing efforts, we’ve created a spreadsheet that we use to help us know which aspects of our online marketing we should focus on. This sheet helps predict how small changes to your site can increase the amount of revenue you can generate.

There are two independent calculators. The first calculator allows you to see how small changes to your site can impact your overall revenues. For example, if you can increase your conversion rate by 1%, what does that mean for your revenues? Simply enter your real numbers in the red boxes at the top, then use the calculations underneath that to look at various possibilities. As you can see (especially with high traffic), small changes to your site can drastically change your revenues.

Conversion Value Calculator by ProofSEO

The second calculator is designed to help you understand how much value a keyword ranking may have. If you know you are ranking for keywords that drive traffic, you can use this form to estimate how much of your total traffic and revenues comes from these keywords. Alternately this calculator helps you answer the “what if?” question. What if you could get to the third or fourth rank for keywords in your industry? As you can see, there is a large potential for new revenues by targeting certain keywords in your industry.

Take me to the spreadsheet page!

P.S. Typically you don’t want to use branded keywords, as people who search for your brand already know what they want. There are exceptions of course, but this is a good rule of thumb.

Questions or feedback? Let us know! If you’ve been able to use this successfully in your organization, we’d love to hear about it. Hop over the the contact us page and let us know how you used this to boost your revenue.You can also reach us on Twitter (@proof_seo).

About the Author
Tyler Brooks
 is a SEO and video production specialist at Proof SEO.