Most People (Don’t) Suck – My Forever New Year’s Resolution

Around the holidays, I was working in my home office. This is a place I work on my goals, strategies, and passions. My office has white boards painted on almost every wall with language to get me motivated and the neverending to-do lists. It is a place I come for positive energy and motivation.

And occasionally, the kids will add their own thoughts and doodles. But this time, a few words really caught my eye – “Most People Suck!”

company-new-years-resolution-featuredUnderstand, that this came from my 13 year old daughter who just joined a new school (a middle school at that). Not the easiest of age, but this kid has an amazing and kind heart.  

So the mother in me kicked-in to see what was going on in her head. After a long talk, I got to the bottom of what was really bothering her.

The bottom line was that the combination of hurtful language in the hallways at school, the bullying coming from political leaders, the unkind words from others on Facebook, the judgemental and prejudiced behavior on TV every day…has elevated her thinking that most people are just unkind.  This was so deeply troubling to me because, despite my frustrations with recent behavior in the media, I truly believe most people are kind.  

Am I wrong?  I can’t blame her for her conclusion, but I know there are people everywhere doing amazing things to help others.

I just believe those doing these amazing things in this world are not LOUD enough.

So, my forever “New Year’s Resolution” is to use my passion of connecting amazing people, companies, services, and products – to bring their incredible gifts to more people.  I want to give as many people as I can the tools and skills they need to get the ATTENTION THEY DESERVE.



I plan to not only give our awesome clients the recognition they have earned, but also to help other companies and nonprofits think big and get the attention they deserve for the amazing things they are doing.  I want them to think differently about how they raise funds for their cause and find new ways to build relationships that result in more sales or more funders.

We will be offering more tools, free educational resources and promotions to those doing kind and selfless work to improve the world.

So, keep an eye out for more to come from this blog and our company because I am committed now more than ever to prove to my kids that “most people do not suck!”

Most people just need help elevating their cause, their service, their product and their voice.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Feel free to add causes, passions, ideas, products and/or services below that will help my daughter not think “Most People Suck.”