Brayden Reed

Brayden Reed

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Meet Brayden Reed, currently serving as our Digital Marketing Coordinator at Proof Digital. Brayden entered the company as an intern in June of 2023 and made a transition to a full-time position a few months after graduating. In his four years at Xavier he enjoyed internships in the fields of digital marketing, retail marketing, and community engagement. In his role, he assists in managing SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, and website development.


At the core of Brayden’s professional ethos is a commitment to innovation and creativity. This passion not only fuels his role as a Digital Marketing Coordinator, but also shapes his approach to problem-solving and campaign development. Brayden is not content with the status quo; he constantly seeks inventive ways to enhance digital marketing strategies and elevate brand presence.

What sets Brayden apart is not just his marketing acumen, but also his emphasis on building deep-rooted relationships. Recognizing the importance of genuine connections, he found a natural fit at Proof, a company that shares his values. The move from intern to a full-time team member wasn’t just a career step for Brayden; it was a deliberate choice to be part of an environment that values not only individual growth but the collective well-being of the entire team.

What Makes Brayden Unique?

In Brayden’s world, success is not just measured in metrics and KPIs; it’s also about fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment. His aspiration is to contribute to a workplace where everyone feels cared for, fostering a culture where the success of the individual is intertwined with the success of the team.

As Brayden continues to carve out his path in the marketing landscape, he brings with him a blend of strategic thinking, creative flair, and a deep-seated commitment to meaningful professional relationships.

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