10 Landing Page Tips to Increase Conversions

Ready to increase conversions for targeted audiences that you want to reach? Our landing page tips will help you maximize conversions by creating amazing landing pages that allow you to share a specific message and call to action message. Every individual is unique and people go online for various purposes, so it’s important for you to create a site that is tailored to your customers’ needs.

Landing pages on your website allows you to capture the visitors information and turn them into a customer. By guiding your targeted audience to a particular page rather than just the website homepage, you can improve the likelihood that they will do what you want of them. If you dump them directly to the homepage, then what? Where will they go? Will that differ from where you want them to go?

Now, if you want to maximize your conversion rates, it is vital to create an effective landing page that is specifically made for each online marketing campaigns. Here are our top 10 landing page tips to increase conversions.

1. Call to Action

Don’t leave your viewer hanging! Include a call to action and position it above the fold, making it easy for the viewer to stay connected with your business as you guide them with next steps.

2. Focus Your Message

You have the viewers attention, now, don’t overwhelm them! By narrowing your message to have a single purpose, the user will have a better understanding of what it is you’re trying to sell/say?

3. Video, Video, Video

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By including a video on landing page, it can increase conversion rate by up to 86%.

It’s the new way to tell a story, and can be extremely effective, yet this trend is still not utilized as frequently as it should be.

4. Contact Information

Make sure users know how to stay in contact with you. And remember that users will visit your page at different stages, so don’t make them contact a salesperson if they’re not ready to.

Give alternative options such as phone number, emails, social media channels, newsletter signups, etc.

5. Always Include a Subheading

We rely on these subheading to give us a quick summary of the text below. It will improve the likelihood that the user will continue reading below, and it will reassert the message you are wanting to send.

6. Length

With that in mind, keep the length in line. If there’s too much text, the reader may stop after the subhead or the first paragraph. If it’s too short, they may believe the message is still unclear. There’s no set word count you should aim for, but rather, take into consideration what your audience’s motivation is to visit the landing page, how familiar they may be with your product or company, and the cost or effort associated with the product or company. Once you consider these questions and address them in your copy, then length will no longer matter

7. Offer Value and Incentives

Who doesn’t love a free surprise? Whether this is a discount, or a free trial service, provide the user with something of value to them. According to Neil Patel, “one of the best ways to secure conversions is to give something valuable to your users in exchange for their information.” Reiterate that value throughout your landing pages through the use of copy and images.

8. Attention Ratio

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The only thing that a visitor should do on your page, is the exact action you want them to do. An attention ratio is the number of things a visitor can do on a page, versus what you actually want them to do. Limit any additional links or buttons that will only act as a mere distraction to the audience. Your landing page goal should have an attention ratio of 1:1.

9. Increase Urgency and Scarcity

By adding a sense of urgency, such as a countdown timer until the deal ends or scarcity, such as the number of products remaining near the CTA. If used correctly and in the right situation, then examples show that it can drastically improve conversion rates.

10. Check Mobile View

Nowadays, you can never assume that your visitor is viewing your landing page on a desktop or laptop computer. Instead, test to see how your page looks on a mobile device. You want to make sure that images, text and CTA’s are in their proper format on all devices.

But remember, your landing page shouldn’t be static. The digital marketing world is constantly changing, so don’t be afraid to update, revise, and improve your landing pages with these quick tips to improve your conversion rates.

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