Kelly Porter

Kelly Porter

Director of Operations

Meet Kelly Porter, she is most excellent at keeping the firm organized and running smoothly. Kelly runs the day-to-day operations of Proof, as well as all financial components of the agency. She also plays key roles in streamlining processes and creating client strategies. 

To her, handling the operations of an organization, or “spinning plates” as she calls it, is something she truly loves. And when she realized how much her sister’s company was growing, she at first lent a hand with the basics of the financial components. Clearly, her help grew from there, and she became Proof’s Director of Operations.

What Makes Kelly Unique?

Kelly’s inner drive to get things right, as best she can every time, sets her apart. She’s relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, and it shows every day in her work and personal life. Kelly has a great ability to focus on the details while not letting tunnel vision prevent her from improving herself in any way possible. 

Kelly also has the noticeable ability to bring an air of positivity and light to formal and informal meetings that is cherished by everyone she works with.

Finally, here’s an interesting fun fact about Kelly…she will only consume Peter Pan peanut butter sandwiches on fresh bread, and they have to be folded.

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