Victoria Dominesey

Victoria Dominesey

Proof Digital Intern

Victoria Dominesey currently serves as an intern for Proof Digital, having joined the team in May 2023. She brings with her two years of marketing experience and a deep passion for creative problem-solving and storytelling. 

As a senior at the University of Notre Dame, Victoria is pursuing a dual major in English and Film, Television & Theatre with respective concentrations in creative writing and television. Her skill set, honed both through her academic studies and previous professional roles, plays a crucial role in assisting Proof Digital in crafting narrative-driven content marketing projects for their clients. Her expertise lies in composing blogs, ad copy, email campaigns, and social media content. 

Before immersing herself in the realm of digital marketing, Victoria gained valuable experience as an intern at both the University of Notre Dame Press and the London-based start-up Mamma Wellbeing. In these positions, she harnessed her blend of creative and technical skills to generate various forms of content, including video advertisements and blogs, to support the companies’ marketing efforts. This background has empowered her to approach Proof’s client projects with a creative flair, consistently striving for enhanced engagement in every piece she produces. 

When she’s not immersed in work or busy with essays and assignments, Victoria loves reading, writing, traveling, and creating films.

What Makes Victoria Unique?

Victoria sets exceptionally high standards for herself. This self-imposed pressure to excel in every environment and with every task enables her to consistently deliver high-quality and comprehensive projects to clients, ultimately maximizing their satisfaction.

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