Safety Supply Store Launches Ecommerce Line of Business

One effect of the coronavirus is that businesses are in need of safety equipment more than ever. Businesses are investing in more resources to keep their employees safe.

“We strive to offer the very best products for our customers, and to ensure the safety of their employees, as if they were our own.”
– Karyn Willmann (Owner)

State Safety is a great example of showing how you can move quickly to adapt to our times of unprecedented disruption to help companies not only survive but thrive during these times.

To make this easier for their customers, State Safety launched a new ecommerce business and online store to not only help their customers gain easier access to these products but to pivot from a business perspective to grow.

In April and May of this year, ecommerce penetration grew 10% in just 8 weeks in Q2 with the prior 10% growth taking 10 years! In Q3 of 2020, Ecommerce grew in sales by 37%.


State Safety and Compliance is a leading women-owned business focused on helping other businesses keep their employees safe. That’s all you have to say! We love leaders like this!

To learn more about their new ecommerce website, visit

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