Bringing an Innovative Team Together to Launch Work-From-Home Solution

The way we work is changing! And we don’t see it changing back to pre-covid times anytime soon or maybe never. Even before the crisis, research indicated that 80% of employees wanted to work from home some of the time. The Global Workplace Analytics indicates that “25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.”

YOURspace Work-From-Home Solution Elevates Productivity

So, the growing work-from-home environment leaves a great opportunity to meet the needs of this expanding market. It requires new solutions to help employers and employees elevate productivity at home or open workspaces.

In just a matter of days when the nation shutdown, entrepreneur David Faust, saw an opportunity, moved quickly and launched YOURspace. With a partnership with Highmark TechSystems, a leading supplier and developer of advanced modular exhibit systems in Fort Wayne IN, YOURspace was born.

YOURspace builds tailored, innovative work-from-home office pods that provide privacy and productivity in an attractive aesthetic environment. YOURspace pods are self-contained office spaces for the home that feature sound dampening, ergonomic design, task and ambient LED lighting, connectSMART wall frame containing all-electric and networking connections, ventilation, privacy options, home-friendly finishes, and more. Built and designed in the USA, YOURspace Pods are easy to set up and easy to personalize.

These “pods” will change the way you work! You should get one!

YOURspace is a great story during these challenging times! For more information, contact them by visiting their website at