Spring Cleaning: 7 Tips to Update Your Website

Spring-cleaning is not just for your home and gardens. Dusting away the old and breathing new life into your website is a great way to begin anew. Follow these steps to refresh your website this spring:

Sweep away unused plugins and create a website backup.

Plugins are vital and are updated continually. Making sure your website has up-to-date plugins is an essential part of your website’s spring-cleaning. Not far behind plugins is the importance of backing up your website regularly. If something breaks on your website, it could cause significant problems. Proactively backing up your website means an easy restoration if this occurs.

If it’s broken, fix it.

Broken links, titles, and meta descriptions distract your website visitors and can hurt your business’ reputation. They can also negatively affect your page’s SEO and lead to reduced visibility. A title and meta description for each page of your website is also vital for SEO purposes. You may have tons of links, so how do you check them all? We can help. Reach out to our team, and we can fun a free audit of your website.  

Freshen up.

You freshen up your home’s decor. Don’t also forget to freshen up your images, homepage photograph, or messaging. A professional designer can provide perspective on fonts, images, and colors to make sure you have a cohesive design. This, along with the website’s overall design and layout, speaks to the image and personality of your business. New content is another excellent way to freshen up your website. Your business is continually evolving. Your content should also be.  It’s imperative your website visitors have the experience that matches your company’s vision.

Try new things.

If you don’t currently post blog content, or your posts are infrequent, now is a great time to up your game. What should you blog about? A great way to start is to do a competitor analysis to see what they are writing about and how well their content ranks. We can run a report quickly and at no cost to you.

Be social.

Neglecting your social media presence is a missed opportunity your business can’t afford. Social media has become one of the most significant outlets for visibility. A social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn should involve consistent postings and engagement. Social media is another avenue for expressing your business’ personality.

Clear away the cobwebs.

A website that lacks functionality will soon become dusty from disuse. Check your website’s speed and performance. This free tool can help clue you in on where cobwebs make be lurking.

Perform a check-up.

Forms are a great way to obtain leads if the notifications are working. It’s crucial to test your forms to ensure they are working correctly on all devices and browsers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that they work on all because they work on one.

Free Site Audit Offering

Websites need health check-ups just like humans and spring-cleaning just like your home. Do you know how your website is performing? Contact us.