Video Ads for Small Businesses

When most small business owners think of video ads, images of the latest car or beer commercial instantly come to mind. Before the internet, video-based advertisements were the realm of high-end advertisers. The rest of us were stuck in print or basic online ads. But with YouTube and Google’s Video Ads, everyone can make video ads.

There are lots of cool opportunities to make videos to promote your product or service. The trick is not to promote your product or service. Wait…..what???

The truth is, most people really don’t care about your business. They care about how your business can help them. So instead of listing all the product attributes or why your product is better, send people videos they can actually use. How-to videos are a great place to start. If you’re in the heating and cooling industry, tell people how and when to change their filters. Maybe you are a mechanic, make a few short videos on tips for winterizing your car or how to change a tire in an emergency.

With Ads, you want your ad to be fun and cool. You want people to watch the ad and click through to your site. Some companies offer to create “viral” videos for you, but no company can guarantee that a video will go viral. Try to come up with new or creative things to share. Think of the small things that you’d love to see someone do, and give it a shot (make sure it’s safe, legal, and ethical of course!). On a large scale, Red Bull is a company that makes great video ads. But you don’t have to jump out of a spaceship in order to get people to share your video. Just use your creativity and take a few risks.

You don’t even have to have expensive gear or a great camera. Look at this video that was made with just iPhones. It’s not difficult, it just takes some time and some creativity.

With video ads online, can get real-time metrics of your video performance. Do people watch your videos? Do they click through to your site? Once they are there do they buy something? These are the metrics that even the best television ads can’t measure, but you can.

Video ads aren’t just for the rich anymore. Share your company’s personality through video.

About the Author:
Tyler Brooks is an SEO and video production specialist at Proof SEO.