Why You Need To Market With Carousel Ads

Do you ever find yourself scrolling social media and mindlessly passing over ads? Sounds like a marketer’s worst nightmare: People skipping over those hard-worked-on ads. 

Try a different and new ad strategy to get more engagement and success: Carousel ads.

We’ve been putting carousel ads to the test for our client, Propét Footwear. The results? A dramatic rise in clicks, conversions, and ultimately — Return on ad spend (ROAS). Plus, the ads look great.

Let’s dive into three real-life examples of these ad campaigns and see what the carousel ad strategy is all about.

What Are Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads are a type of advertising format used on many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. As you scroll through your feed, you can spot a carousel ad if it looks like this:

Propét widths carousel ad

The ad type allows you to combine multiple images or videos into a single ad. They function like a slideshow, where users can swipe through the content. This is a big advantage over static image ads, which are limited to a single image. People are more likely to swipe through a carousel ad than they are to click on a static image ad. This can lead to higher click-through rates and more conversions.

With carousels, you can display a variety of products or highlight different features of a single product. Or, you can use the multiple slides in a carousel ad to tell a story about your brand or product. 

Our First Carousel Ad

Propét Footwear launched a new boot in November 2023, right before the holidays, and wanted to use digital advertising to promote the launch and increase revenue.

Our teams quickly went to work setting up a Facebook and Instagram campaign with brand-new ad creative. This was the first time this client utilized carousel and collection ads. The ad campaign was highly successful with nearly 80,000 impressions and a 750% return on ad spend!

Propét Dulcie carousel

The success of this ad doesn’t stop at ROAS. The Dulcie Campaign is a Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner. 

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work in advertising, marketing, communication, and design. 

Hermes Award Gold Winner 2024

More Carousel Ad Campaigns

Because of the success of the Dulcie Campaign, we knew that carousel advertising would work to our advantage. So, we created more graphics for two other campaigns — Durocloud (a new product offering), and Widths (a product feature).


Propét Footwear launched a brand-new shoe, so we put our graphic design and paid media skills to work. Through the slides, we showcased the shoe’s athletic vibe and a variety of features. The result was not only eye-catching but also resulted in a ROAS of 1089%.

DuroCloud 392 carousel


Propét Footwear is unique in that the shoes come in a variety of widths and include features such as insoles. The carousel ad allowed us to capture all of this in just one ad. The campaign was yet another success with a ROAS of 1522%!

Propét Womens widths carousel

Paid Media Strategy and Graphic Design

Here at Proof Digital, we are a collection of thinkers and go-getters who work to master the online marketing world. We are a team that redefines work and agency structures by leveraging talent (both in-house talent and independent experts). 

We have a mix of full-time strategists, technology wizards, expert e-commerce consultants, part-time at-home parents who know how to write like no other, and an overall team who seek a better way to work innovatively and more efficiently.

We offer an array of services (check out the “What We Do” section of the top navigation!). And if you are ready to start your carousel ad campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

Paid Media (PPC/SEM)

So many of our clients come to us with stories of wasted money on ad campaigns that resulted in no results. It is so easy to waste money on the wrong strategy, the wrong target market, and ultimately the wrong clicks on your ads.

Our team of experts knows how to maximize your ROI, while also working with you to integrate your ad strategy into your entire lead generation system. We know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to online advertising. Don’t waste another dollar.

Graphic Design

Digital storytelling is critical to developing your brand. It’s not hard to see why. The best digital stories take advantage of the power of modern web browsers, featuring high-resolution media, beautifully rendered imagery, animations, and video — creating an immersive and highly engaging reading experience. 

We created all of the carousel ads displayed throughout this blog. We can make your brand shine, too.

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