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Propét Footwear was looking to move quickly to launch a D2C website on BigCommerce to grow this piece of their business. They didn’t have the data in place and sales were stagnant.

We worked with the Propét Footwear team on launching a new B2C e-commerce website system on BigCommerce in the fall of 2022. We then jumped in and launched a marketing initiative resulting in a 264% increase in organic traffic, implementing multiple ad campaigns with 5x returns, and increasing email lists by 10x. This work resulted in meeting their initial annual revenue goal in less than 90 days.

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In their words:

“Proof Digital served as a valuable partner in our Digital Transformation, helping us not only migrate to a modern PIM, but also turn B2C into a fast-growing B2C business that has exceeded expectations. The team also led our rollover to a new ecommerce platform, launch digital analytics and activate/operate digital marketing channels and operations of the new store in the USA and Canada markets. We’re grateful for their help repositioning us for future growth, success and improved customer experience.”

Chief Technology Officer, Propét Footwear

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