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Foster Success was looking for help, not only for a company to redesign and streamline their website, but an expert partner to guide them throughout the entire strategic marketing process. They needed a partner who understood the importance of their impact. We were privileged to earn Foster Success’s confidence and tasked with increasing the importance, impact, and visibility of this organization on the community.

We worked, and continue to work, with the Foster Success team. We redesigned and optimized their website launch, created a new logo and brand guidelines and logos, marketing materials, produced videos to tell their story, created annual Impact Reports, and more! This organization has an incredible influence on our community – empowering youth transitioning out of foster care to succeed in their journey to self-sufficiency.

In their words:

“As a nonprofit that supports teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care, we take special care when deciding who to hire to do outside work. We are seeking true partnerships with individuals and businesses that can embrace our mission and show that through the work in which they produce. Proof Digital does that. They breathe our mission into every project they manage for the organization, from our well-branded, user-friendly website, to our annual impact report that, with their help, we are now digitizing, to managing our work with other outside consultants to unmatched videos. They take our partnership to the next level because they have taken the time to understand the importance of our work and the value we bring to those we support. They see themselves as an extension of the Foster Success team. It is a true, meaningful, and intentional partnership-turned relationship.”

Travis Tester, Chief Development & Communications Officer, Foster Success


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