5 Ways to Crush Your Facebook Marketing in 2020

How to Enter the Facebook Market, Play Ball, and Get Your Brand Visible

If you’re interested in exploring the online frenzy of social media marketing, Facebook has become a multimillion dollar player. In the digital marketing sphere, dropping loads of cash in Facebook isn’t quite out of the ordinary.

If you care about the growth of your business and want it happen quickly, it’s time for you to take a step onto the field and play some ball! Marni R. Gold, a Facebook marketing strategist and expert, shared some tips to navigate the platform effectively.


Crush Your Facebook Marketing

1. Observe and enter the field strong

Facebook is one huge funnel. You can drive organic traffic to your website and therefore, generate more revenue. To set up a basic funnel, first link your personal profile to your business page. Then, link your business page to your website and to groups your manage. Use cover photo descriptions for links to website and products.

Use the 80/20 rule with Facebook. 80% of posts should demonstrate expertise and inspiration. The remaining 20% is for marketing your brand.


2. Engage, connect, and share

Engage, connect, and share

“Since the big announcement of Facebook’s algorithm change, engagement is king!” says Marni. In 2018, Facebook changed its’ algorithms, making marketers scramble while they restructured their marketing plans to capitalize on this new adjustment. The solution: engage strategically. Here’s our tips to master the algorithm in two steps: Find and join groups involved in your industry. Friend like-minded people and comment on their posts. Easy as that.

First, make sure you’re posting content that viewers want or need to comment and weigh in on. Second, follow up in comments with more provocative content. This boosts visibility.


3. Capitalize on Community

Using the Facebook platform becomes more powerful when you build your community and utilize your branded image to attract paying clients. If you are only posting marketing ads, your efforts will be pushed to the way-side unless you use the 80/20 rule wisely.

Use your 20% marketing posts to get conversions for conversations. Make sure you have done the work to brand your image through all posts though.


4. Utilize Analytics

Wondering at what time and day you should post in order to best reach your audience? Facebook can help with that. With Facebook analytics, you can check which posts performed and received the most engagement. This will give you a better understanding of when your audience is active on Facebook and the type of the content that your audience engages with most.

Just as you can analyze your Facebook posts, if you choose to advertise on Facebook, you can check to see how your ads are performing. By utilizing this information, you can make smarter decisions for your advertising.


5. Facebook Stories

Now similar to Snapchat and Instagram, your business can publish content on Facebook stories, providing an additional avenue to reach your audience. Your business can upload photos or videos that will will be available to view for 24 hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to succeed at Facebook stories, then check out more details of what and how to post, here.


Follow these insider tips and you will be playing ball with the biggest players on the Facebook scene.

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