5 Best Practices for Ecommerce Web Design

Did you know that your ecommerce web design could affect your conversion rates? It does. According to a recent Stanford report, 75 percent of consumers make judgments of your company based on web design and user experience. You should, therefore, not compromise this vital piece of your company’s sales funnel – your ecommerce website.

Here are the 5 best practices for ecommerce web design.

1. High-quality images

Human beings are visual creatures and always favor visual elements. Because of this, you should have high-quality images on your ecommerce site. The images allow your visitors to locate what they need quickly. Images also increase visitor engagement.

Low-quality photos will spoil your product’s impression. Even if you have the best products, bad photos will make your products look bad. Low-quality photos also show that you don’t care about selling your products. You’ll be driving your potential customers to another ecommerce store. You can avoid that by having high-quality photos on your site.

In addition, low-quality images or images that are not an optimal size may slow down your site speed. Consumers may leave your site if they cannot navigate their shopping experience quickly. Be sure your image sizes are optimized.

2. Add convenient navigation, filtering, and search

The main reason people shop online is because of convenience. As such, you should give them just that. Your website should make consumers’ lives easier. Your site should flow from one point to another. Your menu, product page, and cart should have an easy structure. Think about the way you were to navigate an online store if you were shopping for products. What do you look for to locate the product you want? Is it quick and easy? An easy user experience is vital to your web design.

3. Keep it simple and appealing

Your ecommerce website should be easy to browse. A good web design should embrace minimalism. There should be no distractions that can confuse users. A complex web design only makes it hard for the user to understand your site. Websites that sell have plenty of white space, pure tones, no more than three colors, and readable fonts.

4. Keep it consistent and branded

The best ecommerce web design corresponds with your products, complements your brand, and creates a unique feeling for your products. Users will remember the branded design which will ecommerce mobilemake your site stand out. You should use the same colors, fonts, and general design patterns on your site. Studies over and over again prove you can increase your revenue by 23 percent when you present your brand consistently on your site.

5. Make it responsive

Finally, you can increase your ecommerce revenue by optimizing your site for mobile devices. 79 percent of smartphone users buy online using their mobile phones. If you don’t optimize your site for mobile devices, users will see small texts and interface elements. It, therefore, will be inconvenient for people to use your site on their smartphones.

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