Proof Digital is a Certified BigCommerce Partner

Proof Digital is a Certified BigCommerce Partner

Here at Proof Digital, we know the pain of struggling with building a clear ecommerce sales funnel. We also know you have a lot at stake. Plus, marketing trends, tactics, and best practices change fast. Your business should feel confident that your marketing strategy is turning browsers into buyers. That’s why you need a trusted partner who can leverage digital marketing and website development to elevate your business and boost sales. 

Proof Digital is proud to be a BigCommerce Certified Partner – We know exactly how we’ll drive results for your business.

BigCommerce Certified Partner

Why Do You Need A BigCommerce Website Development Partner?

BigCommerce partners are certified and trusted to provide the most streamlined, customizable, and profitable ecommerce platforms for businesses. Some perks of partnering with us here at Proof Digital are:

  • Growth: Businesses using BigCommerce grow, on average, 28% YoY.
  • Cost: Bigcommerce is an inexpensive ecommerce solution, costing ¼ the price of alternatives such as Magento.
  • Marketing: Our data-driven approach helps you streamline your marketing efforts into conversions.
  • Customizable: Your vision will come to life as your ecommerce store is totally customizable to fit your wants and needs.
Why Do You Need A BigCommerce Website Development Partner?   Proof Digital has proven success working with ecommerce businesses of all kinds. Following our BigCommerce web design for Propét Footwear, the CTO said, “Proof Digital served as a valuable partner in our Digital Transformation, helping us not only migrate to a modern PIM, but also turn B2C into a fast-growing B2C business that has exceeded expectations. The team also led our rollover to a new ecommerce platform, launch digital analytics and activate/operate digital marketing channels and operations of the new store in the USA and Canada markets. We’re grateful for their help repositioning us for future growth, success and improved customer experience.” Explore more of our client projects on the Our Work page.

What Does BigCommerce Do Compared to Ecommerce Alternatives?

BigCommerce is considered to be the best ecommerce integration software on the market. So, how does it compare to alternatives such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento? Let’s break it down:

BigCommerce offers a comprehensive set of features suitable for businesses of all sizes. It provides a seamless platform that includes essential ecommerce functionalities like inventory management, SEO optimization, and secure payment processing. Unlike other platforms, BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees on sales, allowing business owners to maximize their profit margins. It also has the capability to make your online store completely custom, which Proof Digital can develop.

While Shopify is another popular choice, it can become expensive with transaction fees and monthly subscription costs. WooCommerce, while flexible and cost-effective, is a plugin for WordPress and can require more custom development than BigCommerce. Magento is a powerful but complex open-source platform, which may result in a difficult user experience and less-than-optimal performance. This is why BigCommerce stands out as the most well-rounded solution for business owners, offering a balance of functionality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Let Proof Digital Develop Your BigCommerce Platform

Enhance your custom BigCommerce store with our BigCommerce web design and marketing services. With our team at Proof Digital, you will have:

  • A clear strategy designed to boost your bottom line.
  • The flexibility you demand so your team has the tools to grow. 
  • An ecommerce framework with scalability in mind to enable you to shift to multiple channels.
  • A site with the speed and agility to grow more sales and keep customers happy.
  • Endless essential back office integrations.

Our team of professional BigCommerce designers specializes in creating stunning, conversion-focused designs that enhance user experience and drive sales. With advanced BigCommerce SEO services, responsive and custom design, and strategic UX/UI implementation, we optimize your BigCommerce store for success.