How to Get Started with Ecommerce

Over the past 10 years, ecommerce sales have increased by over 220% while in-store sales have decreased by nearly 12%. As online sales continue to grow in popularity, you may want to consider getting your business started with ecommerce.

If done right, ecommerce can enhance your market reach, increase your sales volumes, and shorten your delivery cycles. Here is a quick guide to getting your online store started.

Determine Your Business Model

Your business model will dictate your other ecommerce decisions.  It also determines what platforms you can join. You can be in the B2B (business to business) or B2C (Business to Customers) marketplaces. Research your market and determine how customers use your products before picking a business model.

How Do You Make Money?

You can pick one of the several revenue models in the marketplace. Some popular ones include wholesale, retail, and private labels. However, you can also go with drop-shipping and white labeling. Research each and pick one that best fits your market.

Register a Domain

Your website will become your online premises. All other marketing efforts will lead customers to the site. Register a memorable domain that also communicates what you do.

Choose an Ecommerce Platform

Choose a marketplace where customers can find and buy your products. There are over 300 such platforms on the internet. Popular ones include BigCommerce, Shopify, Weebly, 3D Cart, Squarespace, and WooCommerce. Pick a platform that attracts your target market and offers you the support you need to deliver goods on time. Then, create a professional website that speaks about your brand qualities and offers enough information for customers to make informed decisions.

Breathe Your Brand into the Online Store

Get your digital store to look and feel like your brand. Choose high-quality images for your products and add relevant themes. Provide customers with adequate product data and several payment options. Do not forget to put the right keywords when describing your products to rank favorably.

Manage Your Store

You need to ensure that goods are available whenever customers place orders. Besides, you should track deliveries to ensure timely delivery. Consider using software solutions for these tasks.

Ready to Get Started?

Start driving sales and set up your online store with our web development, design, and marketing services. With our team at Proof Digital, you will have:

  • A clear strategy designed to boost your bottom line.
  • The flexibility you demand so your team has the tools to grow. 
  • An ecommerce framework with scalability in mind to enable you to shift to multiple channels.
  • A site with the speed and agility to grow more sales and keep customers happy.
  • Endless essential back office integrations.

Our team of professional ecommerce designers specializes in creating stunning, conversion-focused designs that enhance user experience and drive sales. With advanced SEO services, responsive and custom design, and strategic UX/UI implementation, we optimize your online store for success.

Proof Digital has proven success working with ecommerce businesses of all kinds. Following our BigCommerce web design for Propét Footwear, the CTO said, “Proof Digital served as a valuable partner in our Digital Transformation, helping us not only migrate to a modern PIM, but also turn B2C into a fast-growing B2C business that has exceeded expectations. The team also led our rollover to a new ecommerce platform, launch digital analytics and activate/operate digital marketing channels and operations of the new store in the USA and Canada markets. We’re grateful for their help repositioning us for future growth, success and improved customer experience.” Explore more of our client projects on the Our Work page.

Let’s Talk and get started today.

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