Improving Your Ecommerce Web Design

With hundreds of online stores, how does your ecommerce web design stand out? Companies who actively seek ways to improve the usability of their ecommerce website will position themselves well ahead of their competition. In this article, we’ll review what makes an ecommerce website ready for prime time.

Ecommerce Web Design Tips

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. When you shop online, you want a seamless and easy website to navigate. Keep in mind some of the following tips when designing your ecommerce store.

Fast and Flexible

First impressions count, so a successful ecommerce site must be fast on start-up. Not only do potential customers notice site speed, but so does Google when they go through their site ranking process.  Google wants to display the best results for searchers, so an ecommerce web design with a fast speed is favored. An ecommerce site should also be flexible enough to work seamlessly for both desktop and mobile users (including tablets).

Intuitive User Experience

One only has to use a clunky website to understand that presenting an intuitive user experience is very important in web design.  A good ecommerce site will give the user an experience that seems to anticipate their every need, from start to finish.

This doesn’t mean simply presenting customers with great photos and descriptions of all your products and/or services, although that is important. Users also appreciate other helpful features such as an easily accessible review section, a question and answer or FAQ section, as well as a checkout process that is reassuringly labeled as safe and secure.

Using the Right Platform — How to Get Results

We use WordPress, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce to design our websites because their products help us get customer sites up and running as quickly as possible, with all the helpful, intuitive features an ecommerce site needs to be successful.

We selected these specific ecommerce platforms because we’ve found them to offer some of the best tools in the business to increase lead generation for our clients. These tools also offer a wealth of easy-to-use functions and features for teams to use in ecommerce site management.

Ready to Generate Leads?

Here at Proof Digital, we can help our clients with everything from generating leads to designing and deploying a complete ecommerce site. Here are a few of our services that will help you kickstart your online sales funnel:

We have proven success working with ecommerce businesses of all kinds. Following our ecommerce web design for Propét Footwear, the CTO said, “Proof Digital served as a valuable partner in our Digital Transformation, helping us not only migrate to a modern PIM, but also turn B2C into a fast-growing B2C business that has exceeded expectations. The team also led our rollover to a new ecommerce platform, launch digital analytics and activate/operate digital marketing channels and operations of the new store in the USA and Canada markets. We’re grateful for their help repositioning us for future growth, success and improved customer experience.” Explore more of our client projects on the Our Work page.

Your business should feel confident that your marketing strategy is turning browsers into buyers. We can help you with personalized, actionable online marketing techniques? Contact us!

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