Jane Madsen

Jane Madsen


Jane is our exceptional graphic designer with over two decades of experience. She handles anything requiring graphics or visual creativity. She is the imaginative force that helps coalesce best practices, client goals and branding, and the Proof team’s expert direction into stunning visual assets that communicate concepts effectively.

Art is a passion and gift of hers. From webpages to ads, print to digital, games to mobile apps, Jane can create appealing, on-brand artwork for pretty much anything. She’s been extremely successful at using her artistic gift to create a path for herself in the world of digital art and web design.

Jane has an amazing work ethic that keeps her ahead of the game. Her drive and talent helps keep Proof a step above the competition.

What Makes Jane Unique?

Curiosity. Jane is curious about everything and never wants to get stuck in her “comfort zone.” She pushes herself to learn something new every chance she gets no matter what it may be.

Jane loves challenges, so much so that she is constantly seeking them out. It’s a treasured quality that has been essential to her personal and professional success. 

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